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Wholesale -Buy at Wholesale Prices - Cut Out the Middlemen

Looking to buy at wholesale prices ?

Because of the growth in internet auction sites such as eBay many ordinary people are now making extra income working at home buying and selling from the comfort of their own home.

In some cases people are even packing in their normal day to day 9-5 jobs and working full time.

Because of this there has been a huge demand for wholesale items and many websites are appearing daily, claiming to have items for wholesale, mainly lap top computers, computer games, electronics, designer label clothing, handbags and apparel, digital cameras and DVD's.

However, most of the time these merchants are actually buying these products from wholesalers and marking it up, selling at a price between the true wholesale price and the retail price. These are known as middlemen.

So the problem for ordinary people is where can they buy at real wholesale prices and cut out these middlemen.

We found two great websites which direct you straight to the source !! These are the secret websites that eBay powersellers are using to source all their products at prices as low as 10% of normal retail prices. These sites contain listings to many wholesalers and dropshippers in the UK and USA.

The UK wholesale and drpship directory website is here Wholesale