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Google Takes Over the World


Following the success of Google Adwords,Google Toolbar, GMail and Google Talk, today Google announced its unique new product "Google Speak".

"Google Speak" enables the user to talk to Google after attaching a microphone to their computer and installing a small software program.

The user can then just "Speak" into the microphone exactly what they are looking for and then the Google search engine will display the search results in the same way as typing them into a search engine, and the user is then shown a set of results and Google Adword advertisements. The Google Speak account however must be linked to your Gmail account enabling the user to receive Emails about your search queries.

This works in the same way as GMail and Google Talk, where a computer spider scans all your queries and takes note of any major keywords.

During testing of the product however I accidentally left the microphone on while I made a telephone call to my mother on my mobile phone. Although she was not at home I left a message on her answering machine. "Hello Mother its Ralph, I'm pushed for time right now but will be round later to bring the money I owe you."

Later on opening my Gmail account I found I had dozens of Emails, from companies such as Mothercare, Ralph Lauren, Time Magazine and various Debt Consolidation and Loan companies.


Today Google announced its new patented "Google Thinking Cap".

Google Thinking Cap is a small electroencephalogram about the size of a swimming cap, when worn it is then attached to the users computer enabling any thoughts to be immediately transferred to search results, adword, gmail etc etc


Today Google announced its new patented "Google Chip"

Google Chip is a small microchip which is impanted into the users brain. Using advanced radio wave technology the users thoughts are are transmitted to to the Google World Central computer where they are processed. The user will then recieve tons of advertising crap like adwords, gmail and mailshots from companies.


Today Google announced its new marketing strategy of "Google Brainwave Advertising"

Now that over 67% of human beings have had Google Chip implanted, Google has started to use advanced radio wave technology to beam advertisements into peoples brains. Oh I'll finish this story later I've just had this sudden urge for KFC.


Don't let Google store information of every website you have visited and the time and date, don't let Google store cookies on your computer which last till the year 2038. Its supposed to block pop ups, but certain pop ups always get through,, they are probably making money selling the unblocking code, its blocking pop ups that Google are not making money from.

Why do you think they offer more Email storage that any other provider. So they can send you more spam, its all spam.

UNINSTALL NOW before it is too late.

Google is using all of these products to spy on you.